Bill Viola

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November 9th, 2011 >> Uncategorized

When i first glanced at Bill Viola’s website, the first thing that came to mind was “creepy.”  His main medium is the use of video. Each video is inspired by a human event such as birth or death, and  even incorporates religion.   Each video variates in time. Watching some video reminded me of the beginning of a horror movie.  Violas work gives a creepy sense, and sometimes i had to watch the video a little longer to figure out what has happening in the work.  If i was just glancing over the videos on youtube and began to watch a video by Viola, i probably would be tempted just to switch to another  video because overall it did not catch my attention very fast.  The video editing in the video can sometimes be incorporated in small amounts that you don’t realize its changing but then slowly you see the changes after a while.  Viola incorporates the element of water into his works. I think with the watch and lighting, thats what makes his work creepy.



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