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Cory Arcangel

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(1978)-New York

-Drawing, music, video, performance, video game

-reuses existing material to make his art

“nintendo game cartridge hacks”—he bascially takes the games and reworks it so that in someway its a newer version.  In my opinion i’m not really impressed by this because he is just taking a game and editing parts out or editing some in.  So its not entirely his own piece. In a way its just another version.  Since most of the work was done by nintendo, i cant really justify if i like it or not.  Arcangel is taking the ideas and works of others and tweaking it and called it his own.  Its basically the same concept of taking a drawing erasing a little bit of it and calling ur own.  All of his work is basically the same way.

Cory Arcangel – Paganini\’s 5th Caprice

Other then the nintendo items, even though it do not involved his own work, the editing of the video was interesting. Arcangel takes instructional tutorials which in some way can be boring and turns them into a collage or clips and creates a song.

Most of his work reminds me of the nintendo video games i used to play as a child. His work is based around technology and seems to included his artwork in a variety of fields.





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Pipilotti Rist

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-Elisabeth Charlotte Rist-  (nicknamed Pipilotti referring to Pippi Longstocking )(1962 Switzerland)

She studied arts at the University of Applied arts Vienna and later pursued Video at the school of design in Basel. At first she made super 8 films.  At her website the first thing that comes to mind when i look at it is color and composition.  In the gallery section, the photographs seem bizarre. In most of her photographs color is widely used.  All the photographs seems each in a different category but they are all connected threw the use of color. Each image can seem to display a particular type of emotion.

On the feature film section, the images reminded me somewhat of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on a whole other level. i just think that is kind of out there. Then when i click on the video, it just gives the impression of something an acid trip would seem like. The moment and colors are change. At first the video seems tacky with almost no great variation of color then the color starts to develop with the arrival of the words, then an explosion of the color pink splatters across the screen.   When the main character is first walking down the street, the movement seems delayed as if the character is walking faster then time.  I can honestly say i have never seen anything like this before. I think threw the use of color and the composition, it kept my attention threw out the whole “Pepperminta Trailer.”  I think Pipilotti mixed sort of an 30’s or 40’s and so on feel, incorporates her “bizarre style” and use of color and this would be the outcome.


principles of design

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Jenny Holzer

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Jenny Hotlzer is a conceptual artist who was born in ohio during the year 1950.  Her work typically is large-scale and displayed in a public environment.  At the beginning of her career she incorporated texts written by herself, but now she uses the words of others.  Hotlzer is known for the use of led and light projections onto a building.  The sayings she uses normally describes and evokes a question by the audience. The saying “protect me from what I want” has appeared on condoms, led signs , and light projections.  She is also the first women to represent the US in Venice Biennale. Venice Biennale is a contemporary art exhibition that takes place every two years in Venice, Italy.


My favorite part of Jenny Holzer’s work is the use of led in the sculpture like form.  It is different from her light projections because is includes color and is in a sort of three dimension setting. I think the use of color , position of the led lights, and the incorporation of text in this type of art work makes a lasting impression compared to the light projections of texts onto the building.  The light projections would be suitable to probably see either in person or on a photograph, but i think the led lights would be better to see in person.  With a led sculpture such as the ones created by Holzer, you can’t get the full effect until you see it in person.  My personal opinion is that texts are used on everything in everyday life but i think Holzer takes her work onto another level.  The way she incorporates her works, she makes the saying become artistic and catches the attention of the passing audience.  In return the audience is left with questions.

Who is Jon Gitelson?

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Jonathan Gitelson

  • 1975
  • Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Marlboro College in 1997 (BA in literature/Photography)
  • Columbia College Chicago in 2004 (MFA Photography)
  • Photography, books, video, instillation…


If i Had A girlfriend has a saying on the left pages such as “If i Had a Girl Friend….I would stay home on friday nights”..etc. Then on the Right side of the page displays a picture of the sayings which is displayed in a humorous way Then on the back cover is his phone number.
The Scavenger Hunt has a list of items and on each page displays a picture of an item on the list then the item gets crossed off the list.
Spelling/Deff as pictures of words in the dictionary and a picture describing that word next to it.
The Ballad of Carl Wilson displays the path of one person during the day.
I Wave In Front Of Every Apartment I’ve Ever Lived In (Except For One) shows an address of previous residence with a picture outside that address.
Gitelson displays a multimedia approach to his work which includes drawings, photographs, and video.  He brings a humorous aspect to some of his work pieces.  I really enjoyed all of his artwork.

Who is Matt Siber

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  • Born in Chicago (1972)—>grew up in MA
  • Degree in History and Geography from University of Vermont ’94
  • MFA in Photography Columbia College Chicago 2003
  • Gallery Artist
  • Teaches beginning/advanced digital imaging @ Columbia College Chicago
Matt Sibe

Matt Siber takes Digital Images and edits them in different ways such as in “The Untitled Project” and “Floating Logos.”  In the Untitled project, Siber takes pictures of just an ordinary place with signs but the side of the road etc.  When he edits the pictures he takes all of the words, letters, and numbers out of the picture and place them on a white background next to the photograph.  At first glance i did not really know that this was being done, i just saw a picture and random words placed next to the photograph.  When i looked closely i saw that no words were included in the Photograph itself.  I have never seen any art work that used this type of process to display as art.   “Floating logos”  involves the taking of pictures from a highway for travel sight and edited the signs so that they appear to be “Floating.” One of my favorite photographs is a flag that is just placed in the sky as if it is falling from the sky.


“Floating Logos” is probably my favorite type of art work from all the artists we have learned about so far.  In reality, you normally do not see Logos floating in the sky, Siber gives a sci-fi like perspective on “floating logos.”  These photographs were interesting and make an interesting perspective on everyday life and lets us see how sign will look like if parts were to disappear or missing

Who is Robin Rhode

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  • (1976) Cape town, South Africa—Now lives in Berlin, Germany (works)
  • Works with everyday objects to create his art (chalk, charcoal, paint)
  • Street art-(urban youth culture)- works in public places
  • Variety of things- photography, animation, performance, and sculpture
  • Narrative
  • Use to do performances with his art–>now photography sequences/digital animation
  • interacts with drawings
  • Works included in:
  1. The Museum of Modern Art(NY)
  2. Soloman R. Guffenheim Museum(NY)
  3. Studio Museum in Harlem(NY)
  4. Walker Art Center (MN)
  5. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden(DC)
  6. Smithsonian Institution (DC)
  7. Nasher Museum OF Art at Duke University (NC)
  8. Honart Museum Collection(Tehran)
  9. Goetz Collection(Germany)
  10. Johannesburg Art Gallery (South Africa)
  11. Collection Frac Champagne-Ardenne (Reims)
South African artist Robin Rhode is known for his performances which involve his artwork, photographic sequences, and digital animations. Rhode currently resides in Germany where he works on his art.  He uses common objects such as Chalk, Charcoal, and Paint to create memorable works of art.  The works of art are normally created in public places on walls and basketball courts. Rhode puts an urban quality into his work.  His work varies from photography,  animation, performance, and sculpture.  Each piece is connected to a narrative.  Originally Rhode  incorporated his artwork and performances where he interacts with his own art work, now he creates photographic sequences to display his message.
    In the chalk pipe, Rhode with the help of another man draws out this skateboard pipe. The pipe is just a 1 dimensional object. Next he provides he preformance. He pretends he is climbing up the ramp with a skateboard “skates” down the pipe until he crashes down.

Camera Settings

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 flash off,night,home settings                night mode auto lighting    auto mode auto lighting                auto lighting night setting auto mode/auto lighting                   auto mode home lightingauto mode auto lighting                  auto mode auto lighting auto mode auto lighting                 burst mode(one of 3 taken) home lighting

pictures were taken from a camera phone


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